O Nurses, Where Art Thou?

Nurse practitioners try credentialing software MedSpoke built for medical professionals and practice managers for easy state licensing and facility credentialing for freestanding ed’s, staffing groups, locum tenens, telemedicine, physician groups, medical groups and hospital systems to track and manage cme continuing medical education and CAQH also an alternative to FCVS for physicians.

Is all you want for Christmas a team of badass ER nurses to work with for the next twenty years? Yeah – well me too. Unfortunately, an experienced ER nurse is quickly becoming a relic of a bygone era. An era that can be traced back only about five years […]

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The Next Endangered Species: A Career in Medicine

As a volunteer in the General Surgical Ward at North Phoenix Baptist Hospital in the early 90s I received an abundance of advice. I was a high school junior with aspirations of becoming a physician, yet the preponderance of physicians I encountered unabashedly and emphatically advised me against it. The […]

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