5 Tips for Physicians to Get a Paycheck Faster.

70% of physicians change jobs within the first 2 years of completing residency. Why? What’s going on? The world of medicine has changed a lot in the past few years, and it’s become more overwhelming than ever. As you’re entering the field, the job search is paramount. It may even […]

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Physician, recruit thyself…

Physician recruiting and staffing is stuck in the 1980s; a great decade for music and fashion, but, well, charmingly devoid of modern internet technology. The healthcare staffing industry suffers from a lack of progress past this era, using those same antiquated physician recruiting methods and having a complete lack of […]

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What Are Major Causes of Physician Burnout?

The U.S. physician shortage is projected to hit 130,000 by 2025. This means that doctors are working overtime to cover the country’s healthcare needs and Physician burnout has become a serious issue. Emergency Medicine Physicians have it the worst: as medical students choose to enter areas of the medical profession […]

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The Next Endangered Species: A Career in Medicine

As a volunteer in the General Surgical Ward at North Phoenix Baptist Hospital in the early 90s I received an abundance of advice. I was a high school junior with aspirations of becoming a physician, yet the preponderance of physicians I encountered unabashedly and emphatically advised me against it. The […]

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