Frequently Asked Questions

As a medical professional, we firmly believe you have more important things to do than fill out stacks of paperwork by hand. More importantly, arcane, paper-based processes should never get in the way of you practicing medicine wherever, whenever you choose.

Curious how MedSpoke can help? Read on, or chat with us at

How does MedSpoke work?

As a medical professional, you should only have to gather your credentialing data once in your career. With MedSpoke, simply upload your personal & professional information in your secure, private vault. We’ll help you stay on top of license expirations, CME, and certifications, so you spend less time tracking administrative details and more time doing what you care about. When you need to credential at a new facility or re-credential at your current workplace, sharing your information will be as quick as a tap of a button.

Is MedSpoke for me?

If you practice medicine, MedSpoke was made specially for you! MedSpoke makes managing licenses and certifications, CME, and credentialing documents simple, easy, and hassle-free. If you live in Texas, you can even use MedSpoke to submit your credentialing paperwork in minutes instead of days. No more fax numbers, no more scanning and emailing, no more piles of paperwork. Just your career, on your terms.

What do I need to get started?

To get started, all you need is your email address, National Provider Identification (NPI) number, and an exclusive invitation code from us to join. Want in? Click here.

Where can I use MedSpoke to credential?

You can use MedSpoke to securely store, manage, and share your credentialing information (such as your educational & professional work histories, medical licensure information, references, etc.) & documents (like copies of your DEA, medical license, CME certificates, etc.) anywhere in the US! If you practice medicine in Texas, you can even use MedSpoke to fill out your the Texas Standardized Credentialing Application (TSCA) for you, in a tap.

Can I use MedSpoke to credential with facilities that don't use MedSpoke for their credentialing already?

A resounding “Yes!” MedSpoke maps the data from your secure vault into the forms facilities need to get you credentialed & cleared to work. Facilities do not need a MedSpoke account; they simply receive an electronic version of your credentialing data exactly how they need it.

Why does MedSpoke need my NPI & other medical identification numbers?

MedSpoke is a SaaS (software as a service) platform exclusively for certified medical professionals. We use the NPI and other medical identification numbers to ensure you—and only you— are able to claim your profile and your exclusive access to MedSpoke.

If you need help identifying your NPI number, search the national registry here (or copy & paste the link to the national registry in your browser:

When will MedSpoke be available in my state?

Want to credential with MedSpoke outside of Texas? Drop us a note at with the state and facility you would like to be credentialed in so we can help get you set up.

I’m a credentialer. Does MedSpoke make credentialing any easier for me?

We appreciate the incredible work you do as a credentialer and we’re here to help you keep your doctors in compliance and ready to work too! Send us a note at so we can learn more about your current credentialing workflow and explore how MedSpoke can help you manage it even easier.

Can I connect to clinical shifts through MedSpoke?

Allowing medical professionals like you to connect directly to shift opportunities is better for you and the patients you serve. Interested? You’re just the kind of person we want to meet. Drop in sometime and say hello!