Medspoke Credentialing Packet Service

$280.00 (Plus discounted ClaaS account at $240 a year)

Did you get a new job?  Tell us where you want to get credentialed (privileged) and we take care of the rest.  We are experts at navigating the credentialing (privileging) process and making it ridiculously simple to start working without the cred-ache.

Upon placing your order the MedSpoke Team will get your account set up and be in touch with you soon!

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  • MedSpoke Annual Subscription - Discounted 240 a year


Includes discounted CLaaS Account (Credentialing & Licensing as a Service) at $240 per year

  • Access to the MedSpoke technology Platform & MedSpoke expert team
  • Expiration Notifications
  • Continuing Medical Educations Tracking & Management
  • Credentials Management
  • Forms, Image Management