Medical License Renewal Subscription

Plus discounted CLaaS Account at 240 per year$240.00

Put your medical licenses on auto-pilot  

Stay licensed & legit! Never worry about expirations again and don’t let your license renewals slip through the cracks

Upon placing your order the MedSpoke Team will get your account set up and be in touch with you soon!

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Includes discounted CLaaS Account (Credentialing & Licensing as a Service) at $240 per year

  • Access to the MedSpoke technology Platform & MedSpoke expert team
  • Expiration Notifications
  • Continuing Medical Educations Tracking & Management
  • Credentials Management
  • Forms, Image Management

The MedSpoke Team

  • Renews your license for you
  • Uploads your new license to your MedSpoke account
  • Notifies you that your license is renewed
  • Mails you the hard copy of your license

We guarantee that our team will do everything in our power to get you licensed or to renew a license. We cannot guarantee that the states will grant you a license, that is at the discretion of the individual state medical boards. If you have any questions about your eligibility for licensure, please first contact us at

Incidental costs (renewal application fees, registrations fees, fingerprinting, shipping, etc.) may apply and are in addition to the service fees above. A credit card is kept on file to cover these pass-through costs (we do not mark them up). Each time an incidental charge is billed to your credit card, MedSpoke sends an automated email with a detailed description explaining the purpose of each charge. If you ever have a question about a charge please contact us at